About NativeX:
Formerly W3i, NativeX is a leader in monetization and user acquisition solutions for mobile and desktop apps. The company’s mobile offer exchange sources and optimizes offers from leading providers, often doubling existing revenue.  Offer providers benefit from the open marketplace of quality app enthusiasts with targeting and flexible pricing. NativeX’s app experts deeply collaborate with application developers to grow their businesses.  For more information, visit www.nativex.com and @NativeX.


About Movile:
With more than 10 years experience, Movile has become a major mobile services and mobile entertainment company in Latin America. Its product portfolio includes M-Payment, mobile entertainment (applications, games, music, videos and images) and mobile marketing. Movile is a pioneer in services designed for smartphones, micropayments for virtual goods, HTML5 and seamless interactivity on mobile.

The company now has more than 190 employees located in its nine offices in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Silicon Valley. Movile is connected to more than 40 carriers who collectively have over 580 million mobile subscribers throughout Latin America. For more information, visit www.movile.com and @movile_latam.

About VSCpr:
VSCpr is an award-winning strategic public relations and digital marketing boutique founded in 2002, and is ranked among the top tier of boutique agencies in the United States, according to PRWeek Magazine, earning more than 60 awards for its work in consumer technology, mobile, gaming, and advertising.  For more information, visit www.vscpr.com and @VSCpr.

About Xtreme Labs:

Xtreme Labs is the leading provider of mobile solutions to the world's important companies. We have proven track record of success in delivering innovative solutions across hundred of global products. As experts in mobile, the best and most successful companies trust Xtreme Labs with critical components of their mobile strategy and product development. For more information visit www.xtremelabs.com and @xtremelabs

About LeagueApps:
LeagueApps is a leading grassroots sports media and technology company that builds digital applications for local sports communities, from local softball leagues, youth sports programs, college intramurals, and sports tournaments. All the while, we make playing sports easier and more fun for the participants by leveraging social and mobile technologies. For more information, visit www.leagueapps.com and @leagueapps


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